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[oneshot] A Modest Revenge

Title: A Modest Revenge
Pairing: Donghae/reader
Type: One-shot
Rating: NC17
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst, Smut, Jealousy
Summary: Your meet your childhood friend who rejected you before.
Lee Donghae. That name popped in your mind the instant you saw your childhood friend's face in this buffet which the company you were modeling for held. You clearly remembered those days in Mokpo: seeing those chinky eyes, bright smile and the way he stuck his tongue out to the side. As you look at him, you say to yourself, Nothing has changed.
Yes, it's true. Nothing has changed. Even though he was an international idol, he was still Lee Donghae. He still was the kid you knew. And he still was the only man that could make your heart beat fast. Bitter memories came back to you as you continue looking at him. Tears welled up in your eyes as you remember...
His eyes flickered to yours for a moment. You look quickly away, flustered. You closed your eyes and walked away.
You soon found an empty balcony. You walked in and leaned on the edge, looking up at the stars. You think of how far you've came, but no matter what, the stars never changed. And so does your love for him. Tears started forming once again. You breathed deeply in, calming yourself down.
"It's a nice view out here, isn't it?" you hear someone say behind you, such a painstakingly familiar voice. You turn around and it was him - the man you've always loved. You look away from his glance and fought the tears. "You've always loved stars, didn't you?" he said as he came to stand beside you.
You look at him without any expression. His eyes were soft - making you remember why you fell in love at the first place. His lifted his hand up to your face and brushed your cheek. "You're so beautiful," he said.
You took a step back with a bewildered expression. I'm beautiful? He thinks I'm beautiful? You couldn't believe what you just heard. Your anger rose.
A few years ago, you weren't what you are now. You weren't tall, or had a model's body. You were simple, and you admit you weren't pretty either. And that was why he had rejected you. He had rejected you because you had braces on, or you had a couple of pimples on your face. But those were your puberty years. Every one looks ugly in their puberty years.
You got angry. It hurt you that he had liked you for your physical appearance and not for who you are. Before, he had rejected you, and now that you're a model, he was head over heels for you? It wasn't right.
"I'm sorry, but I don't think I know who you are," you told him.
Just as you have expected, shock rippled across his face. "Kyesin? Park Kyesin?"
"Yes, that's me," you said, "and you are?"
"Lee Donghae... Don't you remember me?" He asked.
"I'm really sorry, but I don't," you said,
"Doesn't my name ring a bell, at all?"
"Come to think of it... it does," you said. His eyes sparkled. "You're a member of Super Junior!"
He sighed, "Yea. But we go way back... Back in Mokpo... Don't you remember? I used to call you Shin-saeng, and you called me Haeppa."
You closed your hand as you remember the days. "I'm sorry but I really don't. Yes, I'm from Mokpo but I left that place a long time ago. I grew up in Gangnam. You must have mistaken me for another person." You smiled and walked away.
"Wait!" He said, grabbing your hand. It was still the same - how he held you back then. You spun around to face him. "I'm sorry. It's just that, she was a really good childhood friend of mine and I miss her dearly."
"Well, I hope you will find her," you told him and started walking away but he had held you in place as he tightened the grip on your hand.
"She's a really nice girl, and I rejected her before..."
"Why?" you spitted though your teeth without looking at him.
"Because I was a jerk to ignore what I had back then."
You pulled your hand angrily. "I'm really sorry but I have to go."
You walked quickly away, ignoring where you were going. You wanted to just slip away, forget tonight. Forget everything that happened. But a man was on you way and you accidentally bump into him.
"I'm sorry," you muttered.
"It's okay. No harm done," he said in a jolly tone. You look up at him.  "Are you okay?" he smiled brightly at you.
"Yes, I am fine. Thank you," you smiled back in respect. His eyes twinkled.
"Would you like to get a drink?" he asked you as his arm quickly wrapped around your tiny waist.
"No, thank you," you said as you immediately stepped out of his circle.
"Come on, just some champagne or some wine?" he pursued.
He was a handsome young man, you would admit. But he wasn't Donghae. "No, thank you. I'm fine."
"Then what does the beautiful lady like?" he asked.
"There's nothing I would like, thank you. Excuse me," you said, walking past him, annoyed.
You walked out of the mansion, eager to go home. But it was still early and you have to call your driver to come pick you up first. And it would take about an hour to get there. You sighed and dialed your phone, knowing you have no choice but to wait.
"No car?" that familiar voice asked again. You looked and faked a smile at him. "Why don't you take my car?"
You lifted an eyebrow at him. What's he up to? you tell yourself. "I don't drive," you told him.
He laughed that cute laugh of his. "I'll drive you then! Let's go!" he said, grabbing your hand once again, making your heart jump.
"It's fine. I have a driver," you told him.
"Ahh really?" he said in that teasing tone of his. "Well then let's see: from Gangnam, it would take about an hour to get here. And give our take thirty minutes, depending on the traffic."
"I'm fine, really," you said in a hard voice.
"Okay, whatever you say. Just so you know, your boyfriend's looking for you. Didn't you say goodbye?" he said, pointing to the guy who you bumped just a while ago, heading towards where you were. You quickly looked away, getting annoyed again.
"Hey! There you are! I've been looking all over for you!" he said. "Going already?"
"Yeah. I'm not feeling that good," you told him with a smile.
"Want me to drive you home?" he asked.
"No thank you, I have a ride," you said. His eyes flickered to Donghae. "Besides, I think they need you in there."
"Oh... Well, see you later," he gave you kiss on the cheek which made both you Donghae freeze in place.
"So... Now what? You wait an hour for your 'ride' to come?" Donghae asked you.
You squint your eyes at him. "Fine." You rolled your eyes as he smiled.
You walked to his pearly white Audi. He took off his coat, and put it on your shoulders. He opened the door for you and let you in. "Are you cold?" he asked, turning the heater on.
"Just a little," you answered.
He drove in silence. You pinned your hands to your side, controlling yourself not to touch him with that little space you had in between. His scent in his coat you were wearing was very alluring. You held your head looking to the side, looking out the window, avoiding his glances. You felt his eyes on your face.
Within 45 minutes, you arrive home. He was a crazy fast driver. You finally turn to him, removing the jacket he laid on. "Thank you," you said.
His eyes were watery. He leaned in to kiss you but you jerk back. "I'm sorry," you said, your voice nearly cracking as you got out of his car.
"Shin saeng ah!" he called but you didn't look. "Kyesin!" he took your hand and hold it tight. You kept your face looking ahead as tears started to fall. "Kyesin... She was amazing... My friend, I mean," he told behind you. "She had exactly the same name as yours... She had the same eyes, the same nose, the same lips, the same voice..." he said. He walked towards you, leaning his head on your neck as you freeze in place. "You have the same smell..." he said as his nose lightly traced on your shoulders. His fingers traced your arm down to your hand. "You have the same touch... So please, tell me it's you."
He walked around, facing you. He lifted your chin up. You looked at him with watery eyes and tears falling down your face. You loved him for so long.
His lips felt soft against yours. You let yourself give in to his kiss.  It was everything you dreamed it would be. His tongue lightly traced your lips before parting.
He chuckled as he pressed his forehead to yours. "You are Kyesin."
You nodded slightly and hid your face on his chest. "I'm so sorry," he began. "I've been regretting what I did for years now... When I learned you left for Gangnam, my mind just collapsed. I went looking around for you but I never saw you again... until now. I was a jerk before. I didn't realize how important you are to me. I didn't realize then how much I loved you. I was too naive. And now... Now... I can't bear to lose you again." You can hear sobs erupt from his chest. He held your face between his hands. "Park Kyesin, do you still love me?" he asked.
You nodded, unable to utter a single word.
"Will you please give me another chance? I promise to love you even more than before. I promise to take care of you forever. Just please, give me another chance," he said, tears falling down his face.
You nodded your head in answer, finally smiling genuinely in the dark. "Haeppa..." you crooned, just like how you would ten years ago.
"I love you, Shin saeng," he told you sincerely in your eyes.
"I love you too, Haeppa."
He took your face in his hands and crushed his lips unto yours. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you close to him.
You smiled against his lips, remembering the days in Mokpo. You remembered how he took care of you before: holding you close like this, wiping your tears away, kissing your bruises to make it feel better, and kissing your forehead when you part ways. Before this night, it was all a dream that it would happen again. But now, here he is, fulfilling that dream. He was still the man you loved - the only man that could turn your frown upside down. The only man you dreamed of being with. Lee Donghae.
He held you close - really close. It was closer than before. His arms wrapped you around him securely, afraid to let go. "I'm yours now," he whispered before pressing his lips back to yours.
-----SMUT PART -----
He kept his arms around you as you opened the door. As soon as you were in, he shut the door close. He threw you to the wall and crushed his lips back to yours. In the dark, you felt his body pressing against yours. You held on to him as his lips found your neck. His hips ground unto yours in a very sexy way. You knew what he wants.
"Where's your room?" he whispered in the dark. You found his voice very alluring, especially in this situation.
"Second door on the left upstairs," you answered quickly.
He hitched you up, quickly wrapping your legs around his hips. He held your back, supporting all your weight. You press your lips unto his, and he kissed you back while ascending your staircase.
"It's locked," he mumbled as you reached your room.
You giggled, remembering you locked it before leaving for tonight. Never would you expect that this would happen. "Put me down," you told him.
"No. Give me the keys," he said.
"Just put me down Hae. I'll open it. How can you if you have your hands full?" you said.
"We'll do it on the floor then," he said.
"Haha. Very funny," you told him as he sucked on your neck.
"I'm not kidding," he said in a very serious tone.
"Neither am I. Just put me down please?"
He sighed, planting your feet on the floor. You turned around, fumbling through your keys. He groaned and kissed your shoulders impatiently as you open your bedroom door.
He scooped you up, throwing you on the bed as soon as you opened the door. You laughed as his hands cradled you. With lightning speed, he pulled his necktie out and threw his belt. He pulled his pants down, leaving him only in his boxers and polo.
You kicked your shoes off. His lips went back to your neck. His hands found your body, searching for the zipper which held you in your dress. You laughed at him. You guide his hands to your back where the zipper lay. He rolled you as he unzipped your dress slowly. His lips pressed into your back, kissing every inch of it.
He rolled you to your back again and pulled the dress down off you. Your hands lay on his chest and started unbuttoning his white shirt. His perfectly toned abs seemed so radiant in the darkness that you had the urge to just trace it lightly with your finger. With that, he moaned.
His hands went to your back to unhook your bra, revealing your soft white mounds to him. His eyes twinkled like stars in the darkness with desire as he took in each one in his mouth, tasting you slowly. You moan as he sucked in your breasts devouringly.
Your hands moved down to his boxers, palming his already hard member. He moaned in pleasure causing him to suck your breasts harder. You pulled his boxers down, revealing his mushroom head member.
"May I?" you asked, and he nodded.
You lightly touched the tip of his member with your finger. Donghae threw his head back while moaning out loud. You smiled and continued tracing lightly down his pole. He kept moaning against your breasts as your hand pumped his member. You felt him grow bigger with every slide of your hand up and down.
"Ah... Keep going," he moaned. "Faster..."
And so you did. You slide your hand up and down, stroking his already too hard member. His precum came gushing out, splattering all over your belly. He didn't want to come yet so he pulled your hand off.
"I've never been this big and hard," he laughed before giving you a kiss.
"I better get ready then," you chuckled with him.
He went down your body, licking the mess he had made in your belly. He hooked his thumbs on your soaking panties and pulled them down. His eyes twinkled with desire as soon as he saw your dripping wet core, waiting for him. He licked it with the tip of his tongue, making you completely moan lost in pleasure.
His hard member twitched and hardened even more. "Fuck, I can't wait any longer!" He cursed under his breath.
He held your hips up as he knelt in between your legs. He inserted a finger in you and as you moan, he inserted another one. You loved how his two slender fingers went in and out of you, making you even wetter than before.
He pulled his fingers out and licked them. "You taste so great," he moaned. Holding your hips up, he lowered himself into you without any warning. You scream as your walls stretched vigorously around his thick pole in you.
He pulled out but thrust in you with greater force. It was painful to have felt this process repeated over and over again, but in time, your walls adjust, wrapping him more comfortably this time.
His thrusts were huge and great. Every time your bodies smack, the bed would creak. It was wonderful how the air was filled with these sounds: your moans and his moans, your flesh smacking against each other, and the bed creaking in the violent movement. It had the perfect atmosphere.
Your walls clamped down on his member as the heat rose in your body. The friction between you two is overwhelming. Donghae kept cursing under his breath as his member grew and grew in every thrust. You wrap your legs around his waist as his hands gripped your hips.
"Ah! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he cursed as his member sunk in deeper.
He gripped you tight as he banged his hips against yours. You dig your nails in his back as you feel all of him go in you.
"Hae..." you moaned.
"Mhmm...." He moaned back.
You caressed his face between your hands and stared right in his brown eyes. "I still love you," you told him whole heartedly. You close your eyes as the heat building up in you overwhelmed you completely. You let out a long moan, giving everything in under his control as you came.
"Oh, you look so beautiful!" Donghae exclaimed before crushing his lips unto yours.
"Mhmmm... Fuck!" He moaned against your lips as you ride your climax out. His thrusts become irregular and he started shaking. Your hands held his face above yours, looking him in his eyes. "I love you," he said. You saw that in his eyes, he wasn't lying.
He closed his eyes and a deep moan erupted from his chest. His hot white fluid came gushing in you, filling you completely up. After a few more thrusts as he release all of him in you, he collapsed, laying on top of you.
You brush his sweaty hair out of his face which was buried in your chest. The both of you panted as you caught your breath.
"Kyesin?" He mumbled against your chest.
"Yeah?" you answered.
He lifted himself up to look at you. "Don't call me 'Haeppa' anymore..." he said. "Call me jagiya!!!"
You laughed. "Okay, jagiya."
"Are you ready for another round, jagiya?" he asked, giving you a kiss. You felt him grow bigger again inside you.
"Aren't you spent? I think you released a lot in me," you said.
"I'm still hard for you, babe," he said. You laughed as he started thrusting in you again.
Tags: a modest revenge, angst, donghae, donghae/oc, donghae/reader, fluff, jealousy, one shot, reader, romance, smut, super junior
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